FAQ¹ - Questions & Answers to our services

 Frequently Asked Questions, general information about us.

Visitors to our website and interested person in our services can find here a collection of frequently asked questions with the corresponding general answers.

O U R  A N S W E R S

General Information about us

“dresden central", who is this company and what is it offering?
Our company sees itself as an intermediary of various offers of service companies in the tourism industry and is a service provider for landlords of accommodations at various locations in the Dresden Inner Neustadt (Baroque District). There is no reception and no office, where you can reach us at set office hours. Meetings and viewing appointments can be arranged.

What is our address?
The address of “dresden central” is
Andreas Bley
Seminarstraße 26
D-01067 Dresden

Where can I find the General Business Conditions (GBCs)?
You can find the General Terms And Conditions on our website by clicking GBCs - also available as download in PDF format there.

Is it possible to visit an accommodation before booking?
It is possible to arrange an official viewing appointment with the landlord. Please contact us therefore by phone or e-mail. Please have a calendar ready to make a precise appointment with date and time. To protect privacy and personal safety of our guests, viewings of the guest apartments are only possible if they are not occupied.

Will I get support service over the period of my stay?
Our employees will give you all the advice and practical support you require when it comes to planning and carrying out your stay. In addition to the provision of the apartments, however, there are no contractual obligations for a further-reaching service. We are committed to ensure your well being in the guest apartments and would be bad hosts, entrepreneurs, and employees if this willingness would cease at the apartment door. So please let us know your wishes early enough so that we may have a share in the success of your stay.

Who is able to answer my questions about the website www.dresden-central.de?
Make use of our contact form or call us! Thereupon we will give you detailed information.

May I book an apartment with breakfast?
It is unfortunately not possible to book breakfast in a booth or as a kind of room service in your guest apartment. If you like, we can recommend you some restaurants at your arrival, where you can have the first meal of the day in stylish atmosphere.

Will I get clean towels and bed linen?
Each guest receives two towels, and fresh sheet, pillow (80 x 80cm), and blanket (1.55 x 2.20 cm) on a bed.

Are all the guest apartments equipped with a double bed?
Yes, all accommadations are equipped with a 1.60 m wide and 2.00 m long double bed (queen-size bed, one-piece mattress). Furthermore guests will find a convertible sofa (1.60m x 2.00m) in each flat.

We have a baby/little child. Do you have suitable equipment for that reason?
When booking you can ask for cots and highchairs. Both are provided free of charge by the landlord.

The guest apartments are suitable for how many people maximum?
Up to four people can stay overnight in the guest apartments.

Can I bring a dog or other pet with me?
It is possible to bring dogs and pets with you. Please give us detailed information with your request. We will decide about it in individual cases.

Are there lifts?
Yes. Actually we have got one apartment on stock with elevator.

Bicycles included - what does that mean?
During your stay in the accommodations in the Dresden Baroque District there are bicycles at your disposal. These are no hire bicycles.

Is there a washing machine?
Each guest apartment is equipped with a washing machine and offers possibilities to hang up the clean washing to dry inside the flat or on the balconies.

Do you have a catalogue or brochures?
In addition to the information on Dresden published here on www.dresden-central.de you can find in the apartments flyers and a range of materials about current arrangements, maps, and timetables.

Are there parking facilities for cars?
Yes, in the surrounding streets there are public parking space as fee required parking zones (fee per parking meter: 6 EUR for 24 hours) and a parking garage in Hauptstrasse street corner Metzer Strasse street (fee: 7 EUR for 24 hours).

Where can I find the price quotations?
Our price quotations depend on the object and take room rates and number of people who are staying overnight into account. These prices can be seen on the respective web sites as the price table.

How can I find out at what time which of the guest apartments will be free for booking?
We do not announce the busy times of our guest apartments. Please contact us by e-mail, via online form (Enquiry) or via telephone and we will let you know about our current vacant possibilities at the time in question.

Is it possible to make a reservation for a guest apartment?
Yes, a reservation is possible for a period of 3 days (72 hours). If booking does not take place during this period, the reservation will be cleared after the expiration of this term without additional notification.

How can I book?
Please, make your booking online with the aid of the reservation form. Reservations by phone are possible too.

What happens after booking?
After you did the booking online with the booking form or by phone you will receive by e-mail or by post a booking confirmation and on demand an invoice (advance invoice, advance invoice, final invoice -> see payment​​​​​​​). Therewith your reservation is reckoned binding. The GBCs apply - for us as a company as well as for our customers.

Which enquiries have the best chances of success?
The best chances of a successful booking have enquiries where you give a number of nights in a time period. Possibly we can offer you to initially start your stay in Dresden in one of our guest apartments, later we move you to another guest apartment. So you will get the chance to stay the remaining days in a second guest apartment with different ambience but stylish and comfortable all the same.

No Vacancy. Will my enquiry concerning an accommodation be reviewed and answered from other providers?
We cooperate with partners who have other distributed capacities with comparable equipment features available. If the case appears that we cannot make an offer to an inquiry we at least give useful hints (like web links, addresses, phone numbers) where the customer can turn to.

Is it possible to make changes and shiftings in my booking?
It is possible to make changes in your booking. Please contact us by phone and/or e-mail and we try to realise your change requests in accordance with the current vacancies, and our possibilities and in consideration of the GBCs (regarding short-term measures).

Who can help me if I have problems with the booking?
Please call us or send us an e-mail and describe your problem to us. We will give you detailed information on the basis of which the problem might perhaps be solved.

Which vouchers for payment do I get after a booking?
Usually you receive after your booking the booking confirmation inclusive details to the payment and on demand an advance invoice (if the time period between booking and use of service exceeds ten weeks) or the total account (if the time period between booking and use of service equals or falls short ten weeks). The outstanding payment you have to pay automatically until 28 days before your arrival in Dresden. These documents are sent to you as an e-mail attachment (PDF) or by post.

Do I have to pay a deposit when receiving the keys?
The landlord take no deposit from the guests, but ask them to sign for the receipt of keys, bicycles, and other non-inventory things of the guest apartment on a handover certificate.

Does a final cleaning fee become due at departure?
If you booked directly under www.dresden-central.de there will be charged no extra fee for final cleaning.

How can I pay?
The payment is based on the details of payment for your booked services, which dresden central performs according to the booking confirmation. Usually we expect our guests to pay on the basis of an account by bank transfer in advance or via email by paypal© (credit cards permitted). Cash payment is possible under certain conditions (see further information about payment).

Where can I find information on the payment method and the term of payment?
In the booking confirmation and the invoice you will find information on the payment method (transfer into the account, via email by paypal© or cash payment) and the term of payment. Usually the time for payment allowed is within 14 days after the date of issue of the booking confirmation and the invoice.

Who will pay the fee of currency conversion and the costs for the bank account transfer?
These costs are completely payed by the tenant of the guest apartment to the landlord. The full gross amount must be transfered on the bank account of the landlord, must be transfered via email to the account of paypal © of the landlord or must be payed in cash by the guests when they arrive. Please inform yourself about details to the fees of all in the transfer participating credit instituts.

Can I pay cash?
It is possible only for “short notice” bookings to pay in cash. Are there less than eight weekdays between the day of booking and the use of service (use of the guest apartment), the amount has to be paid in cash on the day of arrival. At the request of our customers it is also possible to pay the amount of the final balance in cash on the day of arrival in the case of long-term booking (time period between booking and use of service exceeds ten weeks). If the customer wishes to pay the amount of the final balance in cash he should let the landlord know at the time of booking, so that the landlord can mind it with the accounting.

Can I pay by credit card or by cheque?
The payment by credit cards is possible by money transfer via email by paypal©. Unfortunately the payment by cheque is not possible.

I live abroad. How can I pay?
On all the invoices for guests with permanent residence outside Germany you can find the IBAN and SWIFT-BIC of our business bank account. With these codes transfers can be done without complications and additional fees throughout the European Union (SEPA, €-uniform payment area). With guests from overseas or European countries, that are not members of the European community, and cannot make a remittance on the basis of the given account information, realisable payment arrangements will be made between landlord and tenant. On demand we are offering the payment via email by paypal© (credit cards permitted). Unfortunately, payment by cheque is not possible in different safety reasons.

I received the invoice. The payment deadline has passed. I would like to hold on to my reservation. What can I do?
Please contact the landlord by e-mail or phone and arrange the earliest possible date for your payment. If you already received a reminder please respond immediately in the form of a payment of the outstanding amount or by contacting the landlord respectively within the period stipulated in the reminder.
If you do not keep the terms of payment according to the invoices or booking confirmations and do not contact the landlord concerning this matter, the landlord assumes that you are no longer interested in renting the guest apartment. Thereupon your booking will be cancelled. You will receive a written opinion about it by post, and claims for damages will be regulated by GBCs.

My payment is made to late. Will my booking be cancelled now?
As long as you do not have received a written opinion about the cancellation of your booking, it endures. Please immediately respond to a reminder (see above). There the date is mentioned, when the landlord cancels your booking, if by this day there is no receipt of payment into the business account.

How do I communicate the cancellation of my entry to the landlord?
Please give always written notice of the cancellation. Feel free to phone us beforehand and inform us about the cancellation.

How high will the costs as incurred be for a cancellation of my entry?
The level of the amount (damages) depends on the date of your cancellation. The GBCs provide detailed information about it. Every customer accepted the GBCs with the booking as the contractual basis of the business connection.
In case of cancellation of an entry until the 21st day before commencement date the liquidated damages are 0% of the lease price (in this case you will get back payments in advance in full within 14 days after your cancellation in the form of a credit note).

In case of cancellation of an entry beginning with the 21st day before commencement date the tenant owes the landlord 10% of the lease price provided in the contract.
In case of cancellation of an entry beginning with the 14th day before commencement date the tenant owes the landlord 25% of the lease price provided in the contract.
In case of cancellation of an entry beginning with the 7th day before commencement date the tenant owes the landlord 40% of the lease price provided in the contract.
In case of cancellation of an entry beginning with the 3rd day before and until the very date of commencing the tenant owes the landlord 70% of the lease price provided in the contract.
Payments in advance made by the tenant until the cancellation of an entry are set off against the amount of the liquidated damages to the landlord. Within 14 days after cancellation it is transferred into the account of the cancelling tenant in the form of a credit entry. If the case appears that the advance payment of the cancelling tenant will be insufficient for a settlement covering the costs, the landlord will claim for compensation in written form on the basis of the GTCs.

Is there the possibility to take out a travel cancellation insurance with dresden central together with the booking?
Sure, you can take out this kind of insurance with us. We are partner of one international travel insurance companie

By when should I advise the landlord of my arrival to arrange the handover the guest apartment?
Please let us know your time of arrival at the latest two days before your arrival by e-mail or by phone (you can find this note and request, respectively also on the booking confirmation). This contact provides you the opportunity to ask the landlord at short notice about your arrival, about the place of the hand-over of keys, and other details about your travel planning.

Do I have to take notice of something concerning the times of arrival and departure?
In general our guest apartments in the Baroque District are available to you at the day of arrival from 15:00 and have to be left until 11:00 on the day of departure. Please let us know about variant wishes of yours at the request and/or at the booking!

How do I get access to the guest apartment on the day of arrival?
In the booking confirmation, which is sent to the customer by e-mail (PDF format) or by post after the booking, you will find details about the meeting point for the hand-over of the apartment.

Will there be somebody in the guest apartment at my arrival?
In your booking confirmation you will find out, where you will receive the keys at your arrival. That will either be in front of the house where the guest apartment is located, in the guest apartment itself or at another meeting point not far from the guest apartment.

Have you got an office close to the guest apartments or even in the Baroque District?
We do not have an office with regular opening hours. The landlord usually meet the guests for check-in in front of the house in which the vacation rental is located.

How is the return of the keys and as the case may be of the bicycles arranged at departure?
These modalities are arranged in detail between you and a member of our staff at the arrival and the hand-over of the apartment.

What should I do if nobody appears at the date agreed for hand-over?
Please contact us by phone under 0176 50120902 or 0351 3209460 and a member of our staff will promptly take care of your needs.

Do you have a question that is not answered here?
We are happy to help you. Send your request via the contact form or call us under the telephone number 0351 3209460 or 176 50120902.