Outside - on the outskirts of Dresden

By bike or on foot, by boat or by train - beyond the tourist tracks travellers get a special view to the city by a completely different angle.

Saxony Paddle-Steamer

Come aboard a fleet of ships which is unique in the world. With nine historical paddle-steamers, between 78 and 128 years old, Sächsische Dampfschiffahrt owns the oldest and largest paddle-steamer fleet in the world. Two modern salon ships and two smaller motor cruisers complete the line-up. Join us to explore the Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland and the Saxon Wine Road. Or get to know Dresden and its surroundings from a captain's viewpoint, on a river sightseeing tour, a world heritage tour or our special tour to Pillnitz Palace.  (Source: Website of www.saechsische-dampfschiffahrt.de - 08.09.2007)

Loschwitz Bridge (Blue Wonder)

Dresden's most famous bridge was built from 1891 to 1893 according to plans by Claus Köpcke (1831 - 1911) and Hans Manfred Krüger. The powerful iron construction, which connects as a suspension bridge with a clear span of 141.5 metres between the piers and a total length of 226 m Dresden- Blasewitz and Dresden- Loschwitz, was the first bridge of its kind in Europe. The originally green paint of the bridge turned blue after a short time, and thus received the popular name of “Blue Wonder”. The bridge is one of the most striking landmarks of Dresden.

Dresden Mountain Railways

One of the oldest mountain railways of Europe (built 1895), the funicular railway (Standseilbahn Dresden), connects the districts of Loschwitz and Weisser Hirsch, and the suspension railway (Schwebebahn Dresden), erected in 1900, connects the districts of Loschwitz and Oberloschwitz. The more beautiful sight from one of the top stations of the Elbe Valley and the Dresden Old Town is worth the trip. You have the town at your feet here.


When walking across Dresdner Heide you reach Radeberg, which was first mentioned in 1219, and is known worldwide today not only by confirmed beer drinkers for its brewery, founded in 1885. Besides an insight into the brewing crafts it is advisable to visit the town hall, which was built in 1767, and Castle Klippenstein, constructed around 1200.

Radeberger Exportbierbrauerei
Dresdner Str. 2
D-01454 Radeberg
Phone: 03528 454880
Fax: 03528 454888

Narrow Gauge Railway (Loessnitzgrundbahn)

The 1884 opened Lößnitztalbahn (Lößnitz Valley Railroad) is one of the oldest narrow gauge railways in Germany. Due to the winding routeing and the swinging, that is associated with it, it was quickly nicknamed “Lößnitzdackel” (Lößnitz Dachshund). The starting point is Radebeul near Dresden. During the journey 17 bridges and an embankment dam of a length of 210 metres through the Dippelsdorfer Teiche Region are crossed. And after 16.5 kilometres and a stopover in Moritzburg the destination station of Radeburg is reached.

Traditionsbahn Radebeul e. V.
Postfach 10 02 01
D-01436 Radebeul
Phone: 0351 2134461
Fax: 0351 2134464

Tharandt Forest (Tharandter Wald)

One of the most beautiful forested and hiking areas of Saxony is located in the southwest of Dresden. Tharandt Forest offers a green world of gorges, valleys, hilltops and rocks to locals and visitors. Experience this forest by bicycle or by foot. Hiking trails and cycle ways of more than 190 kilometres with barbecue and picnic areas give variety and recreation. In close proximity one of the oldest scientific collections of woody plants of the world, the Tharandt Sylvan Botanic Garden, invites you.