Shopping and market places in Dresden downtown

Culture and art are not the only attractions of the town. Dresden offers many shopping facilities. Just a small choice of it will be mentioned in the following.

Shopping, bargain hunting and relaxed strolling in Dresden

Dresden has many different shops and is a attractive shopping destination for tousrists and vacationers. The range of department stores, owner-managed boutiques up to outlet stores is quite impressive!

Shopping in the Dresden Inner New Town (Dresden Neustadt)

The Koenigstraße in the Baroque Quarter, just a stone’s throw away from our guest apartments, is a shopping area with baroque ambience worth seeing and experiencing. The parallel running Hauptstraße offers as it did 200 years ago best facilities to spend lots of cents and euros in clothing and other things, while strolling under the shady sycamores. Just around the corner you can find second-hand shops in the Aeussere Neustadt (Outer New Town), where a more alternative scene is domestic. In search of something special you will be definitely successful here. An absolute must is the Kunsthofpassage (Art Courtyard Passage), which can be reached by gateways in Alaunstrasse No. 70 or by Goerlitzer Strasse No. 20-25. Here you will find a labyrinth consisting of passages and small courtyards with personalized shops. Caution: A “stop-by” frequently gets a whole day here.

Shopping in the Dresden Historic Olod Town

Prager Stasse is a popular meeting place for people who like to spend their money. Along the street, shaded by rows of trees, there are some large stores and exquisitely equipped boutiques. There are many shopping facilities also around the Altmarkt (Old Market), like for instance the Altmarkt-Galerie with its 26,000 square metre of shopping experience in Dresden at four levels. The Wilsdruffer Straße, coming from the Altmarkt, offers an attractive mixture of shops, restaurants, and cafés. The very thing for a cultural break!

Weekly Market in the Outer New Town (Dresdner Neustadt)

Dresden Farmers' Market

Just around the corner of the guest apartments in the Baroque District Dresden you can find the Dresden farmers' market. Here people from Neustadt buy their fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, sausage, cakes, new bread from the stone oven and other delicacies from local production for feasting at the weekend.

Koenigstrasse, Rebeccabrunnen in front of the Dreikoenigskirche
D-01097 Dresden

Opening Hours:
every Saturday
April - October 08:00 h - 13:00 h
November - March 09:00 h - 13:00 h

Weekly Market on Alauenplatz

When strolling around the New Town (Dresden Neustadt) one mostly comes across Alaunpark. Two days a week a market offering many delicacies takes place here. The market invites to have a snack or to purchase local specialities.

Alaunplatz place
D-01099 Dresden

Opening Hours:
Thursday 09:00 h - 17:00 h
Saturday 08:00 h - 12:00 h

Weekly Market at the Martin Luther Square

Shortly before the weekend New Town (Neustadt) people meet here to fill the gaps in the refrigerator.

Martin-Luther-Platz place
D-01099 Dresden

Opening Hours:
Friday 09:00 h - 17:00 h

Sachsenmarkt Market Place (Lingner Market)

This market place every Friday starting at 9 o'clock offers his very numerous customers mainly regional products. With around 160 dealers, the Sachsenmarkt Marketplace Dresden, also known as the Lingner Markt Marketplace, has today become the largest weekly market place in Saxony. The basically mobile traders come from Lusatia (Lausitz) , the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge), the area stream-up & -down of the Elbe river, from nearby Czech Bohemia and the surrounding area of Leipzig to offer regional specialties - often in the best organic quality and freshly prepared. From the scissors grinder over the horse and buffalo sausage seller to the basket weaver, freshly fish sale and a field kitchen snack bar (Gulasch Kanone) everything is on board for everyone's enjoyable midday break and shopping stroll.

Sachsen Market Place (Lingner Market)
in the Lingnerallee street in opposit of Lingner Hygiene Museum Dresden

Opening hours: Freiday 09:00 h - 16:00 h

Flea Markets in Dresden

Saturday’s market – The Dresden flea market on the bank of the Elbe

For ten years now the flea market on the bank of the river Elbe is every Saturday the weekly market highlight in the town. Idyllically situated right on the Kaethe-Kollwitz-Ufer (at the meadows on the Old City side) the Elbe flea market is a fascinating meeting place for Dresdeners, Saxons, and tourists from all over the world.
D-01307 Dresden
Opening hours: 07:00 h - 16:00 h

Sunday’s market – The Dresden flea market on the bank of the Elbe

There is a flea market at fixed dates on Sundays as well at the same spot like the weekly Saturday’s market, beneath Albertbruecke bridge.
D-01307 Dresden
Opening hours: 07:00 h - 16:00 h

Innere Neustadt (Dresden Inner New City) - Hauptstasse

Several times at weekend in the year (especially during the winter times) the chic promenade under the huge sycamores, the Hauptstasse street (High Street) and also in the roofed market house in opposite of the Dreikoenigskirche church at Hauptstrasse street, is a place of a very popular flea market, too.

Altstadt (Dresden Old Town) - Prager Straße

Three times a year dealers from the wider surrounding area of Dresden are offering junk in Prager Strasse.