Grosser Garten Park

The Grosser Garten Park covers an area of about two square kilometers and is Dresden’s biggest and most beautiful park. Set out in the 17th century, opened to the public since 1814, and made a people’s park in 1953 the garden is Saxony’s first in Baroque style, and the most important example of early German Baroque at all. Among other things the palace, the Zoological, and Botanical Garden, three open-air stages, and the miniature park railway belong to the Grosser Garten Park.

Palace In The Grosser Garten Park

The pompous palace was built in the Grosser Garten Park by Johann Georg Starcke (1630 - 1695) from approx. 1676 to 1683 for the then Saxon future elector Johann Georg III. (1647 - 1691). The palace is considered to be one of the earliest Baroque buildings in the entire German territory. Erected modeled on Italian loggias and pavilions it was designed exclusively as a fixed building. The palace served the courtly society as a summer resort as well as a scene of representative festivities. After renovation the palace serves today as place for concerts and events. The series of events “Offenes Palais” (Open Palace – Music and Art in the Großer Garten Park) has an impressive ground here.

Am Palaisteich
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Zoo Dresden

The Dresden Zoo houses on 13 hectares about 3000 animals of almost 400 species. It is specialized in Asian fauna. Thus the visitor can watch from this region cats of prey like snow leopard, small cats like fishing cats and sand cats for instance, and interesting hoofed animals like the rare Mishmi Takin or the Hog Deer.

Tiergartenstrasse 1
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Botanical Garden

Among the more than 9.000 plants from all regions of the world you can find tropical plants, orchids, and cacti in beautiful show houses and generous open land plantations with spice plant and medicinal herb gardens. The Mexico originated “Queen of the Night” (Selenicereus grandiflorus) flowers once only for a short time in June and attracts large public every year. The Botanical Garden is like the Sylvan Botany Garden in Tharandt managed by the Technische Universität Dresden (University of Technology).

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Park railway

During a half-hour round trip on the 15 inch (381 mm) wide and 5,6 kilometres long rails of the miniature park railway you can discover large sections of the Großer Garten Park in an open or roofed passenger coach or just relax, and leave the daily stress behind you and take a break from everyday life. Exceptional is that train operation is done by children and teenagers in their spare time.

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Volkswagen - Gläserne Manufaktur

In the Transparent Factory Dresden basically the e-Golf is been produced. In Autumn 2020 starts the montage of the ID.3 of Volkswagen. There are guided tours possible in the factory from Mondays to Fridays from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. Reservations for that reason can be made in the Customer Care Center.

Automobilmanufaktur Dresden Gmbh
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