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Our apartments, guest homes, vacancies and other self cataring accommodations in DresdenBaroque District near near the old city, the Church Of Our Lady, the Semper Opera House, the Historical Green Vault, the Pillnitz Castle, the Moritzburg Castle and the Dresden Castles along the river Elbe. Our guests live in the inner City, the centre of Dresden - a good starting point for a journey to discover the Saxon palaces and castles, for sightseeing tours in Dresden and art and cultural tours around the city.

Pillnitz, Moritzburg and the three Dresden Elb-Schloesser castles

Discover Saxony !

A unique cultural landscape consistent with architecture, art and graciously people

Travel with a city and cultural guide Ms. Anna Samira Mudra following the footsteps of August the Strong (1670 - 1733); visit with her the scenes of courtly life, creative cultural work and bustling diplomacy of old and up to our present days. Allow yourself some rest and relaxation in the large and small gardens of the Saxon land of castles and discover the beauty of Dresden and its vicinity.

Three individually guided walking tours for up to 20 people

Pillnitz Castle and Park

An impression of grace and glorious blossoms

Anecdotes dating back to the time of August the Strong (1670 - 1733) and the Countess of Cosel (1680 - 1765) will accompany you on your walk through the palace garden. On intricate paths you come across works of art of Baroque horticulture, rare woods, and certainly some ghosts of old times of personalities consigned to history.

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Duration: approximately 1,5 hour
Price: from 85,- € per guided tour
Start: Entrance into the Castle

Guided Walk along the Dresden castles close to the river Elbe

Experience the “Three Castles” in a very special way

The guided tour stretches across the castles along the river Elbe - Albrechtsberg, Villa Stockhausen (Lingnerschloss), and Castle Eckberg through artfully arranged English gardens to the terraces at the banks of the river Elbe. You will learn special details about their architecture and building history, about the former owners, about today’s use of these magnificent buildings, and about winegrowing in this exclusive location. The castles along the river Elbe are situated only 3 km upstream from the Dresden city centre and are part of the world cultural heritage “Dresden Elbe Valley”. A stunning view at the town and the river landscape that goes far into the Elbe Sandstone Mountains (Saxon Switzerland) is waiting for you here.

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Duration: approximately 1,5 hour
Price: from 85,- € each guided tour
Start: Entrance into the Castle Albrechtsberg

Wine tasting at the end of the guided walk “Three Castles”

On request we'll arrange for the participants of the tour across the three castles along the river Elbe a tasting of Saxon wine at the vineyard next to the town beneath Albrechtsberg Castle. Besides culinary delights you are given an insight into the special features of Saxon winegrowing.

The Hunting Seat Moritzburg Castle

A castle set on a lake and its fabulous treasures

Enjoy this guided walking tour of the cultural landscape around Moritzburg with the Hunting Seat, the Fasanenschlösschen (little pheasant castle), and on to the lighthouse. August the Strong (1670 - 1733) not only indulges his passion for hunting here, but rather actualised another splendid piece of baroque architecture and landscape gardening. The walk leads through a spacious park and a landscape of ponds, where many artistic accents find harmonically together and want to be explored and inquired by the visitors. This short journey of discovery of the park is peppered with Saxon history and anecdotes from the Baroque court life and on to the renaissance of the current Saxon nobility.

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Duration: approximately 1,5 – 2 hours
Price: from 60,- € per hour
Start: Entrance (Gate) into the Schlossallee

Following the Footsteps of the Bridge Painters (Die Bruecke)

On request of the participants the guided walking tour “The Hunting Seat Moritzburg” can have the following focus: “Following the Footsteps of the Bridge Painters (Die Bruecke)” (Schmidt-Rottluf, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner et al.) – Landscapes of Moritzburg in their art work.

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