Clubs and Bars in the Industrial Area

In recent years the former industrial area in the north of Dresden evolved into a noticeable cultural zone. Here mostly at the weekends hundreds of partygoers and guests in our holiday apartments in Dresden cavorting in a wide variety of clubs and discos.

Strasse E

In this cultural centre with app. 3000 square meters events can be found in a very unusual atmosphere.

Werner Hartmann Strasse 2
D-01099 Dresden
Phone: 0351 2138530
Fax: 0351 2138533

Tante Ju

Live music in different styles and colours. Guest are international stars or regional dimensions of the music scene.

An der Schleife 1
D-01099 Dresden
Phone: 0351 4590047
Mob.: 0172 7956789

Sektor Evolution

An der Eisenbahn 2
01099 Dresden
Tel.: 0173 8463924

Kashay Salon

A space for every creative human

Meschwitzstraße 15
01099 Dresden

objekt klein a (oka)

Meschwitzstraße 9
D-01099 Dresden