Gallery for contemporary art in Dresden city centre

Rambles through the small lanes and courtyards with their caringly restored architecture, housing a diversity of places for creative arts and antiques, offer a wealth of pleasure and impressions to Dresden Visitors. The Baroque District is located vis-à-vis the famous Old City (via Augustusbrücke) on the other side of the river Elbe, nearby the statue of the „Golden Horseman“. International cuisine and selected boutiques are part of the quarter's vitality. The old trees, the church, the well and Dresden's oldest theatre truly provide and unforgettable setting. Here Dresden's past and present fuse impressively.


Famous artists in history and present of art possess the „humus“ of Dresden and play a vital role in the international art market. Therefore we occupy ourselves intensively with the contemporary art of Dresden. This is for us a challenge, a passion, a profession and a fulfillment.
The gallery represents artist who lives or lived in Dresden, who completed their education at the Art Academy or who were autodidactics.
Additionally to contemporary art, we possess a special knowledge of Dresden´s art of the 20th century and therefore, we mediate your interests further or research special artists and their works.

Enderstaße 94
01277 Dresden
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Gallery Finkenstein Dresden

The Gallery Finkenstein presents art of the 1920s and 1930s and classical Modernism to its visitors.

Obergraben 8a
01097 Dresden
Tel.: 0351 2683835
Fax: 0351 6567667