Time out - have a Cultural Break in the Historic Old Town Dresden

Everybody should have a break like this! Take a break from everyday life at the terrace near the river Elbe, under the sunshade at the roadside, deep down in the beer cellar or in the baroque palace. Feel the unique atmosphere of the town, and than go back to sightseeing with your best attention. You do not have to look for a cosy café, restaurant or bar. There are plenty of them, that is why just a few of them are mentioned here, as a recommendation. 

Cafe & Restaurant Alte Meister

Theaterplatz 1a
D-01067 Dresden
Phone: 0351 4810426
Fax: 0351 4810479

Café Vis-á-Vis

im Hotel Hilton
An der Frauenkirche 5
D-01067 Dresden
Phone.: 0351 8642835

Cafè & Bistro Brühlscher Garten

Brühlscher Garten 4
D-01067 Dresden
Phone: 0351 4818901


Taschenberg 3
D-01067 Dresden
Phone: 0351 497260
Fax: 0351 4912812

Grand Café & Restaurant

The Grand Café & Restaurant of the Coselpalais are situated at the heart of historical Dresden and offer a fantastic view of the world-famous Dresden Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady). The ground floor of the Coselpalais is today a fine café and restaurant serving excellent German and French cuisine. From the tables of an inviting terrace area in the Baroque courtyard, a wonderful oasis of hospitality, guests look up admiringly to probably the most charming cherubs of Dresden Rococo, true masterpieces of sandstone sculpture by G. Knöffel, and enjoy no less an incomparable view of the Neumarkt.

An der Frauenkirche 12
D-01067 Dresden
Phone: 0351 4962444

Radeberger Spezialausschank

Terrassenufer 1
D-01067 Dresden
Phone: 0351 4848660

Theatre, Opera, Musical Or Cabaret In Dresden

Dresden provides as a cultural metropolis any amount of entertainment on its many stages. The theatre box offices often have left over tickets for sale, and at the ticket sales you can find last minute offers. Calendars of events will help you to seek and find how to top off the full monty of culture in Dresden!

Repertories Of The Dresden Cinemas

Dresden has many cinemas with screening far off from mainstream and blockbuster. It works only because the people of Dresden are enthusiastic filmgoers, and the International Short Film Festival shows that the city is a cinematic metropolis, and the Film Nights on the banks of the river Elbe are atmospherically unparalleled in the world.

Thus, if cinema in the evening is the order of the day, click here for the current programme for today: Click.

Hints For Night Owls

The Dresden night life is for many guests in our vacation flats in Dresden an unexpected side of Dresden and who likes to discover learns at the latest, as young, creative and dynamic, this city is.