Left and right of the tourist trails in Dresden

Dresden is a green city, a cultural and artistic metropolis, a centre of science and research, a residential city with baroque buildings, and a town of students with taverns with heated atmosphere and spectacular nightlife, too. It takes time and orientation to experience Dresden in all its facets.

Recommendations for curious Dresden visitors

Here are some recommendations for those interested in the fine arts, for those interested in culture, and those seeking for recreation on their expedition through the city on the Elbe. Best starting point for that is just a guest apartment in Dresden Baroque District.

Surroundings of Dresden Historical Old Town

Just a short walk away from the guest apartments in Dresden Baroque District is the Dresden Historical Old Town with Semper Opera House, Catholic Hofkirche Church, Dresden Castle, Brühl's Terrace, the Neumarkt and the Church of Our Lady.

Your guide Antje König shows you the most interesting sights in the city of Dresden, the world-famous Green Vault Treasury Collection and the Semper Opera House. All offers are to be find under Dresden Culture.