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The placement of references is a form of partnership, by means of which is advertised for each other by the text links on the website of all parties concerned. Each link on another Web page to the own side has potential to generate visitors. This so caused “link popularity” is next to the relevance of the topics of the website the most important criterion for the ranking in search engines.

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BBOnline - Bed and Breakfast Inns - Villas, cabins, condos and homes for rent worldwide. Detailed listings include photos, rates and availability calendars

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Dresden Ferienwohnungen im Feriengebiet Dresden finden Sie auf

Ambiente Serviced Apartments Bratislava - We offer higher-class furnished apartments in Bratislava. Short or long rent is possible. Cheap alternative to accommodation in a Bratislava hotel. Ideal for business trips or vacation stays. Pets are welcome!