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Offers of city tours and guided walking tours through Dresden for your holiday, your vacation, your business trip, your language educational tour or your travel stay at the Elbe river. Our vacation apartments in the Dresden Baroque District as tastefully furnished and fully equipped apartments and vocations are ideal starting point for your discovery of Dresden and the surrounding area.

We would like to offer three different guided city tours:

Experience Dresden - metropolis of dreams made of stone!

The city guide Ms. Anna Samira Mudra takes her guests to the chequered history of the past centuries. During which Dresden evolved as a royal residence, a metropolis of art and culture and an international trade centre, a place of trendsetting discoveries and inventions, and melting pot of different cultures its world-famous architectural ensemble, its unique charm, and of course also its myths, mysteries and peculiarities ...

Dresden - Eventfully history around the Theaterplatz square

This tour gives you a brief introduction to the Dresden building history of baroque with a tour of the Dresden Zwinger Palace to Taschenberg Palace and continuing across Theaterplatz Square to the Semper Opera House, the Cathedral and to Dresden Castle. Flavoured with anecdotes about August the Strong (1670 - 1733), his policy, his mistresses, porcelain, Heinrich Schütz (1585 - 1672), Karl Maria von Weber (1786 - 1826), and Richard Wagner (1813 - 1883) you will become aware of personalities, who shaped the reputation of Dresden and with this made the town become one of the hottest cultural metropolises in the world.

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Duration: approximately 1 hour
Price: from 80,- € each guided tour
Start: Kronentor in front of the Dresden Zwinger Palace

Historic Old Town Dresden from the Zwinger Palace to the Frauenkirche Church

Almost a classic but always something special is the round tour of the Stable Courtyard to the Fürstenzug (the largest picture made of porcelain in the world) across Brühl’s Terrace and around Frauenkirche Church. You will get a general idea about the chequered Saxon history of the past centuries peppered with anecdotes from the manorial royal dynasty. The Frauenkirche Church, a symbol of reconciliation and materialisation of the new old soul of Dresden sets the end point of a fascinating historical journey of discovery, that will give you more appetite (for Dresden)!

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Duration: approximately 1 hour
Price: from 80,- € each guided tour
Start: In front of the Georgentor, Entrance into the Stallhof

Combine the tours

Each tour "Dresden - Eventfully history around the Theaterplatz square" and "Historic Old Town Dresden from the Zwinger Palace to the Frauenkirche Church" are bookable together.

Please inform us about your wishes and special interests!

King August’s “New King’s Town” and the Baroque District

A walking tour of king August’s “New King’s Town” (today the Baroque District, around the Golden Cavalier) will whisk you away to Baroque and to the Wilhelminian style. Due to written records, exciting stories and comments on the architecture this round tour becomes a journey of discovery, and an adventurous ramble of the well preserved and lovingly restored urban landscape with its narrow alleys and snug inner courtyards.

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Duration: approximately 1 - 1,5 hour
Price: from 75,- € per hour guided tour each
Start: Memorial Golden Cavalier, in the middle of the Neustaedter Markt place

Options and extensions for the guided walking tour through the Baroque District

We would like to arrange an individual offer according to your wishes in connection with the that tour through the Baroque District. That can include for example visits to selected galleries of contemporary art in the art quarter of the Baroque District with individual discussions on current art exhibitions.

You're welcome to give us your ideas and wishes!

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